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UPDATE: Join the ForwardOnClimate rally in Washington, Feb. 17

If you can be in Washington, DC on Sunday February 17, please try to join the thousands expected at the #ForwardOnClimate rally to help President Barack Obama make the right decision – no Keystone XL tar sands pipeline! – and to make it clear that the Harper government does not speak for us when it lobbies in the US in favour of KXL.

For more information and to sign-up for the protest, please go to http://act.350.org/signup/presidentsday.

Council of Canadians opposition to KXL has included vocal support for the Tar Sands Blockade in Texas, http://canadians.org/blog/?p=17040, as well as chairperson Maude Barlow’s speech outside the White House in November 2011, http://canadians.org/blog/?p=11786, among other actions. For more, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=%22keystone+XL%22.

President Obama is expected to make his decision about the pipeline in March or April.