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UPDATE: Maude Barlow speaks at plenary at climate summit

A panel on ‘forests, food, water and climate change’ is now underway at the Peoples World Conference on Climate Change in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

(The ‘cmpcc’ you see on the backdrop in the picture is the acronym for Conferencia Mundial de los Pueblos sobre el Cambio Climatico.)

The panel features Alberto Gómez Flores (Mexico), Hildebrando Vélez (Colombia), and Maude Barlow (Canada).

In her talk to the hundreds here at the Hotel Regina Gran Solon, Maude stated that, “Water is a victim of climate change, but how we treat water also affects climate change. Climate justice requires water justice, and water has not yet taken its rightful place in climate discussions.”

She also stated, “In twenty years our demand for water will outstrip supply by 40 percent.”

“We have seen water as a resource for us. We take it to grow crops in the desert or for our own pleasure. We have to stop that. We won’t be able to tackle the climate problem until we address this. Climate change will worsen if we don’t address the displacement of water.”

“(This displacement of water includes) the 700 trillion litres of land based water that goes into the oceans every year. We also displace water by growing food locally then exporting that food abroad.”

She concluded by noting that, “Technology will not address this crisis. There is still the belief in unlimited growth. This is a betrayal of Mother Earth. There is no substitute for taking care of water and Mother Earth.”

Given that the time of this panel was moved from tomorrow (Wednesday) to now (Tuesday afternoon), not everyone may have caught the live web-cast at htttp://canadians.org/energy/issues/climatejustice/cochabamba-summit.html.