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UPDATE: Meeting with La Via Campesina in San Luis Potosi

After a long day of travelling we arrived in San Luis Potosi, Mexico several hours ago.

Thinking it was the end of our day, about a dozen of us gathered in the hotel restaurant for a quick snack before bed. But La Via Campesina organizers met us and asked that we join them and others for a meeting at a cafe several blocks away.

The meeting was needed so that LVC could brief us about the caravan we will be on tomorrow morning, to review some security precautions, and to tell us about a community we will be visiting that has been harmed by a Canadian mining company. It was also an opportunity for all of us to introduce ourselves and to begin to know each other.

The meeting wrapped at just after midnight local time (1 am ET). Everyone is tired, but we’re also feeling a sense of new comradeship and the emotion of our shared struggle.

Tomorrow we meet at 7 am local time for breakfast with local activists and to begin our bus journey to Mexico City.