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UPDATE: New details on ‘Poetic Social Mission’ program

Starting at 8:00 pm EST this evening (in less than half-an-hour), you can watch “the poetic social mission” on water.
As you may know, Cirque du Soleil founder Guy Laliberte is currently in space on the International Space Station and is orchestrating an international program from there to raise global awareness about water conservation.

The Cirque du Soleil website states, “The artistic core of the show consists of a poetic tale written especially for the occasion by renowned novelist and Man-Booker Prize-winner Yann Martel. The tale will be gradually revealed as the program takes us through 14 cities around the world on a journey that begins in Montreal and ends in Moscow.”

Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow’s reading of a portion of this “poetic tale” is to come during the London segment. London is currently scheduled as the ninth city in the program, just after Marrakesh and before Tokyo.

The One Drop Foundation website states, “Activist and Senior Advisor on water to the President of the United Nations General Assembly in 2008/2009, Maude Barlow will recite the next part of the tale, emphasizing access to water as a fundamental human right.”

It also notes, “Maude Barlow heads The Council of Canadians and is also the co-founder of the Blue Planet Project for the protection of freshwater. In 2008-2009, she was appointed as the senior adviser on water issues of the President of the United Nation’s General Assembly. She is the author of Blue Covenant: The Global Water Crisis and the Coming Battle for the Right to Water.”

The show will be televised live by RDI, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.’s French-language all-news TV channel, as well as on the Internet at onedrop.org.

RDI, the French language cable television news channel operated by CBC/Radio-Canada is distributed on basic cable and satellite television to 9.8 million homes, including 2 million in Quebec, and is seen each week by a half-million English viewers.