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UPDATE: Occupy DC marches on gala dinner

This evening several hundred people gathered at Occupy DC at McPherson Square to march on the Washington Convention Center (at 7 Street and L Street) where a gala dinner (with the billionaire Koch brothers and Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney) is taking place.

The march left McPherson Square at 6:30 pm and made its way along the streets of Washington to the convention center.

By 7 pm a large crowd had gathered at the intersection of 7 and L to watch anti-corporate videos (including a Stop Keystone XL video) projected from a truck on to a wall of the convention center.

After about 15-minutes, the ‘Turn off the TV’ chants started. The march then moved onto L Street for a very loud ‘We are the 99%’ chant that echoed in the sound canyon of the buildings on either side of the street.

It’s almost 8 pm and we are now on Mt. Vernon Place, one of the streets that borders the convention center. A brass band has started playing and the ‘Occupy Koch’ videos are now playing on another wall of the building.

It’s 10 pm and there are still about 100 people at the front doors of the convention shouting:

“Banks got bailed out, we got sold out!”

“Whose got the power? We got the power! What kind of power? People power!”

“They say cutback, we say fight back!”

“The people united will never be defeated!”

“We are the 99%!”

Though smaller now, the protest still has a great energy to it!