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UPDATE: Political team heads to Montreal!

The political team of the Council of Canadians is on its way to Montreal at this moment to express solidarity with the Quebec student strike and to protest the Conférence de Montréal.

Mark Calzavara (Ontario-Quebec organizer), Harjap Grewal (Pacific organizer), Angela Giles (Atlantic organizer), Scott Harris (Prairies organizer), Stuart Trew (trade campaigner), Maryam Adrangi (energy campaigner), Meera Karunananthan (water campaigner), Adrienne Silnicki (health care campaigner), Emma Lui (water campaigner) and Brent Patterson (political director) will participate in the ongoing protests this afternoon and this evening.

The Council of Canadians opposes the Quebec government’s draconian Bill 78 and supports the ongoing student strike against tuition hikes, austerity and environmental degradation.

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More soon.