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UPDATE: Sarah Harmer opposes Line 9 pipeline

Sarah Harmer

Metro News has reported, “If singer Sarah Harmer has her way, the plan for a Line 9 pipeline reversal will be reversed itself. …The singer has long been vocal about environmental issues — a major player in the years-long fight against the Nelson Quarry proposed in Mount Nemo, which was rejected last year. ‘Let’s hope for another victory’, Harmer said.” Last week, Harmer posted on her Facebook page, “This is my homework. 10 page application to the National Energy Board due this Friday (April 17). …Line 9 is an old pipeline that runs through southern ontario and quebec and our Mount Nemo home farm. The proponent, Enbridge, now wants to pump abrasive tarsands (diluted bitumen) at high pressure and mixed carcinogenic chemicals through this 38yr old pipe across all of Lake Ontario’s tributaries. Not good. This is the 10 page application to see if the Nat’l Energy Board will accept our comments/participation. Learn about it. Spread the word. Get your paperwork fix!”Council of Canadians energy and climate justice campaigner Maryam Adrangi has also filed to speak at the NEB hearings on Line 9 expected this summer. For more, please read: National Energy Board’s ‘List of Issues’ Excludes Important Issues NEWS: Public information sessions on Line 9 expected in Toronto, Mississauga and Hamilton NEWS: Toronto seeks standing at NEB hearings on Line 9 pipeline VIDEO: Maude Barlow speaks about Line 9 at public forum in Toronto VIEW: Gordon Laxer opposes west-to-east pipeline proposals