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UPDATE: Sunday causeway protests for Lake Ainslie

The Canso Causeway looking northwest from the Cape Breton side.

The Canso Causeway looking northwest from the Cape Breton side.

Moira Peters writes in a Halifax Media Co-op blog, “Opposition to oil and gas exploration — not just fracking — has been strong on (Cape Breton) island since Petroworth expressed interest in drilling at Lake Ainslie.”

“A week ago, last Sunday, as Lake Ainslie sparkled, 38 people lined the Trans Canada on the Cape Breton side of the Canso Causeway holding signs reading ‘Stop The Fracking Madness’ and ‘Water Is More Valuable Than Oil’, and waving the Mohawk Warrior flag as motorists passed by, driving on or off Cape Breton Island. …The group at the causeway, which included young First Nations people and elder white folks, said they have been getting lots of support in the form of honking from passing vehicles.”

“It was the fourth Sunday they had gathered at the causeway to raise awareness of the dangers posed by the exploratory drilling rights recently approved by Nova Scotia’s Departments of Energy and the Environment. …Five weeks ago, the first Sunday the group hit the causeway, if readers remember, a furious storm whipped through Nova Scotia. The group of demonstrators stood for hours in the driving rain and wind in a show of opposition to what they perceive to be the threat to water systems on western Cape Breton Island.”

Among those defending Lake Ainslie, Ms Peters notes, “The Inverness County Council of Canadians and Lake Ainslie Development Association regularly host information sessions and town hall meetings on the issue of oil and gas development in the area which people attend in the hundreds.”

To read her full blog, go to http://halifax.mediacoop.ca/blog/moira-peters/9049.

For Council of Canadians blogs related to Lake Ainslie, please see http://canadians.org/blog/?s=lake+ainslie.