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UPDATE: Visit to Occupy DC

About 100 tents are set up for the occupation at McPherson Park in Washington, DC.

Located on K Avenue, where corporate lobbyists have their offices, the occupation is also just a short 5-minute walk from the White House.

People are lined up for food, asking questions at the information tent, checking out the book tent, playing chess, reading, making signs, or gathered in small groups talking.

There are about a dozen Metropolitan Police cars situated on the city streets that surround the park.

In about 45 minutes (6 pm ET), a march will assemble here and head to the convention center, where a gala dinner, funded by the billionaire Koch brothers – backers of the Tea Party movement, is taking place. The gala is part of a right-wing ‘Defend the American Dream’ conference taking place in this city.

Joining the march will be Council of Canadians chairperson Maude Barlow and Institute for Policy Studies director John Cavanagh (who spoke at our 2009 annual general meeting in Saint John, New Brunswick).

On Sunday afternoon, Occupy DC will join the #Surround the White House protest in opposition to the Keystone pipeline.

26 Council of Canadians chapters have participated in occupations across Canada – and Council staff have visited Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Mexico City, Occupy Amsterdam, and now Occupy DC to express solidarity.