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UPDATE: Winnipeg chapter ‘CETA Clause’ action today

This morning, at 8:30 am, Council of Canadians Winnipeg Chapter chairperson Mary McCandless delivered a Christmas letter and gift of coal to all Members of the Legislative Assembly in Manitoba to draw attention to the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Europe and Canada (CETA).

In their letter to MLAs, the chapter says, “We want next Christmas to be a happy one, a time for us to celebrate our values of freedom and democracy. We want to know that when we send our Holiday letter next year, it will be to Members of a Legislative Assembly that still has the right to make decisions without the fear of corporate interference. We don’t want to wake up Christmas morning to find that a CETA Clause put coal in our stockings!”

According to the chapter’s media release, ‘CETA Clause’ made an appearance at the Provincial Legislature and Council of Canadians members were able to record an interview, launched concurrently as a CETA Clause video on YouTube, www.youtube.com/watch?v=mKxSTVD5Wug.

And the Winnipeg chapter has also launched a postcard campaign aimed at Manitoba premier Greg Selinger. The postcard says, “I’m sending you this postcard to let you know that you have a mandate from the people of Manitoba to stay out of CETA. …The EU has said clearly that it will not sign the CETA unless all significant provinces are part of the deal – and Manitoba is one of those provinces.” To see the postcard, or if you live in Manitoba to order a bundle, go to www.canadianswinnipeg.org.