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U.S. may support declaration on Indigenous Rights

Reuters reports today that, “The United States said it is reviewing its opposition to a U.N. declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples…”

“The move, announced by Washington’s U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, came one day after New Zealand said it was reversing its stance and now supported the declaration…”

“In announcing on Monday that New Zealand was reversing its position, Maori Affairs Minister Pita Sharples made clear the support was subject to his country’s law taking precedence.”

“The United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand — all with sizable indigenous populations — were the only countries to vote against the declaration when it was adopted (in 2007).”

“Australia said last year it had decided to back the text.”

The Harper government has only said in the recent Throne Speech that it would “take steps to endorse this aspirational document (the United Nations Declaration on Indigenous Rights) in a manner fully consistent with Canada’s Constitution and laws”

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