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VIDEO: Ask Premier Wynne to save Wolf Lake from mining

The Council of Canadians is a member of the Wolf Lake Coalition.

In December 2011, the Toronto Star reported, “Ontario is planning to kill its promise to protect an ecological gem — an old-growth forest near Temagami. The Ministry of Natural Resources wants to change the ‘forest reserve’ designation for 340 hectares (double the size of Toronto’s High Park) around Wolf Lake (located 50 kilometres northeast of Sudbury) to ‘general use’, which puts a greater focus on mining instead of forests and recreation. …A spokesperson for the Calgary-based Flag Resources, which holds the only two mining leases around Wolf Lake, said there is potential for gold, copper, cobalt and palladium mines. Flag has drilled 200 exploratory holes there since the 1980s, the spokesperson said.”

Public response was swift and by March 2012, the Ontario government announced that it would retain the ‘forest reserve’ protection status for the Wolf Lake area. But despite that announcement, the area is still under threat from mining. The demand became to have the Ontario government permanently protect Wolf Lake. It could do so by including Wolf Lake in the Chiniguchi Waterway Park.

This week, as noted in a media release, “Camp Keewaydin on Lake Temagami launched a breathtaking time-lapse video on Facebook, inviting Premier Wynne to join them on a canoe trip to Sudbury’s famed Wolf Lake, threatened home to the world’s largest ancient red pine forest. …The Government of Ontario promised to protect Wolf Lake in 1999, but last year mining leases surrounding Wolf Lake owned by Calgary based Flag Resources were renewed for 21 years.”

“Advocates are hoping that the new Premier will breathe life into the deadlocked conversation over providing full protection for one of Sudbury’s top eco-tourism destinations.”

To watch the 3-minute video, watch above or go to http://savewolflake.org/videos.

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