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VIDEO: Maude Barlow speaks at ‘no pipelines, no tankers’ protest in Victoria, Oct. 22

Video of Maude Barlow’s speech at the October 22 ‘no pipelines, no tankers’ protest in Victoria:

A few excerpts:

-“Pipelines are the bloodlines of the tar sands. If we allow these pipeline to go ahead, it’s going to mean that the industry is setting energy policy in Canada. These pipelines mean that you’ll need to keep them full and that means a massive expansion of the tar sands and that means that we will never be able to get the alternative energy future we need.”

-“Going after these pipelines is the most important fight we can have right now.”

-“They are up in the trees (in Texas), high above the bulldozers, and they will not come down!”

Thank you Paul Manly for this video.