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VIDEO: St. Mary’s First Nation Chief Paul, ‘If we lose our water, what do we have?’

Today, APTN interviewed St. Mary’s First Nation Chief Candace Paul about the ongoing protests against fracking in New Brunswick.

In the interview, Chief Paul says, “If we lose our water, what do we have?”

To hear the full interview with her, please go to http://aptn.ca/pages/news/2013/06/26/chief-candace-paul-if-we-lose-our-water-what-do-we-have/.

In December 2011, CBC reported, “Angee Acquin, a member of the St. Mary’s First Nation near Fredericton, said she agrees with (Harry LaPorte, the Grand Chief of the Maliseet Grand Council and his) concerns over (fracking and) the water supply. She helped construct a large teepee on the front lawn of the provincial legislature the day of its opening session. ‘This is our traditional grounds right here in downtown Fredericton’, she said. ‘We as First Nations people, we have a responsibility to Mother Earth, below the four inches that other people might own. We have a responsibility to be caretakers to the Earth.'”

The Council of Canadians Fredericton chapter was also at the protest at the New Brunswick legislature on November 20, 2011.

The article notes, “St. Mary’s Chief Candace Paul said she’s heard from many members of her community who share Acquin’s concerns. …The province is legally obligated to hold meaningful consultations with First Nations people before developments like shale gas can go ahead. (But) Paul said that hasn’t happened, and is calling on the government to cancel all existing exploration licences, and come back to the table with First Nations.”

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