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VIEW: ‘The fight is on for Canadian communications and culture’, says Wilson

Labour and NGO activist Fred Wilson writes in his rabble.ca blog today that, “The Conservative government’s calculated, but decisive, plan to remove foreign ownership rules from Canada’s telecom and broadcast sectors will begin with satellite telecommunications — in short, Telesat Canada.”

“By singling out satellite communications in the budget, the Conservatives gave the appearance of moving slowly (but) this is anything but a small step, given the importance of satellite communications to the system overall, and the fact that one company,Telesat Canada, is our satellite telecommunications industry.”

He concludes, “While the Conservatives move in for the kill on Canadian culture and identity, Canadian telecom and cultural unions, and NGOs like the Friends of Canadian Broadcasting and the Council of Canadians, are also organizing. They will find it very difficult to break through the white noise of media and elite consensus, but will try in spite of it to rally a defense.”

His full blog can be read at http://rabble.ca/blogs/bloggers/fwilson/2010/03/fight-canadian-communications-and-culture.