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VIEW: McQuaig on the conservatism of Romney & Harper

Toronto Star columnist Linda McQuaig (who will be speaking at the Council of Canadians ‘Making Waves: Sinking the Harper Agenda‘ conference in Nanaimo on Oct. 26) writes, “Ironically, in the now-famous video that seems likely to end his political career, it could be said that Mitt Romney was speaking truth to power. …Assuming he was speaking privately to like-minded multi-millionaires, the Republican presidential candidate told the $50,000-a-platers what they wanted to hear: that he hasn’t any intention of helping the 47 per cent of Americans too poor to pay income tax. …Modern conservatism — or neo-conservatism — has infected Canada too, coming to fruition under the Harper majority government, which has intervened aggressively on the side of corporations against working people, and dismantled vital environmental protections in order to enrich energy mega-corporations. …It’s time we stopped treating modern conservatives as proponents of a legitimate political philosophy and started treating them as greedy profiteers who — at least until now — have pulled off the biggest heist in modern times.” To read her full commentary, please go to http://www.thestar.com/opinion/editorialopinion/article/1261675–mitt-romney-blurts-out-the-truth-about-neo-conservatism.