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Water justice groups call for the UN to remember its commitments to the human right to water

The Blue Planet Project is participating in discussions at the United Nations this week on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The SDG agenda being discussed at the UN is crucial as it will shape the priorities for development aid and policy over the next 15 years. Alarmingly, the current document being discussed by UN member states does not reference the human right to water and sanitation. The full document can be read here.

87 organizations from around the world have signed on to a letter that was sent to member states participating in the SDG process.

The Blue Planet Project is also working with allies within the Mining Working Group at the UN and the Women’s major group to challenge the SDG agenda’s push for greater private sector partnership through multi-stakeholder global partnerships. To see our fuller analysis go here.

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Webcast: Stakeholders, Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals – Informal Meeting (7 May 2014), United Nations Webcast.

Meera Karunananthan speaking 2:45–7:17