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Who represents the EU at the G20?

EUbusiness.com reports today that European Union presidents Herman Van Rompuy and Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will both be present at the G20 summit in Toronto.

“WTO chief Pascal Lamy (who occupies the WTO’s own seat in the G20) told EU participants (on Sunday) to sort out first who will argue for what at June’s G20 summit in Toronto, otherwise ‘nobody’ will listen.”

Along with the two EU presidents, Britain, France, Germany and Italy are also members of the G20.

Yesterday, Globe and Mail columnist Doug Saunders wrote that there are three presidents of the EU (and that each of them has a different take on the economic crisis in Greece).

The three presidents are:

1- Herman Van Rompuy (permanent head of the European Council, the gathering of 27 member leaders that sets the bloc’s policies)

2- Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero (holds the rotating six-month presidency of the Council of the European Union, the next president is from Belgium which just rejected a free trade agreement with Colombia)

3- Jose Manuel Barroso (the appointed president of the European Commission, the EU’s top administrative body, he appoints the civil service)

So who will represent the EU at the G20? And do all three presidents agree on the benefits of the Canada-EU comprehensive economic and trade agreement?

The EUbusiness.com article is at http://www.eubusiness.com/news-eu/economy-finance-g20.3×2.