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WIN! Blackfire mine in Mexico shut down over environmental concerns

The Canadian Press reports that, “A Mexican mine run by a Canadian company embroiled in a controversy around the death of a local activist (Abarca Roblero) has been shut down over environmental concerns.”

“Abarca Roblero was known as a passionate critic of Blackfire, which he blamed for contaminating local rivers and for killing local crops and livestock. …Three men have been arrested in Abarca Roblero’s death. All are linked in some way to Calgary-based Blackfire…”

“Carolina Ochoa of the Ministry of Environment for the state of Chiapas cited several alleged infractions by the Blackfire Exploration mine (as the reasons for closing the mine), including building roads without authorization, polluting and causing toxic emissions.”

The Council of Canadians has been speaking out against the environmental damage caused by this mine.

“Mining companies use open pit mines and toxic chemicals to extract their ore from the land, badly polluting the region’s water in the process, said Maude Barlow of the Council of Canadians.”

“The Blackfire mine is situated in a lush swath of land at the southern tip of Mexico. Opposition to development in the area is widespread as the land was largely untouched and protected by a system of communal ownership before NAFTA, says the citizen’s group, Council of Canadians.”

“‘The story of this one person is the story, actually, of a community that is absolutely resisting this kind of behaviour,’ she said. ‘The resistance is quite fierce. The people are very, very proud. They feel very strongly their rights have been trampled and they’re not going to take it.'”

“Barlow said the Canadian government needs to step in to enforce the way Canadian companies act abroad. Practices that are deemed unsafe for the environment at home shouldn’t be allowed anywhere else in the world, she said.”

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The Council of Canadians wishes to recognize and honour the work and personal sacrifice of Abarca Roblero in the shutting down of this environmentally-destructive mine.