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WIN! Brockville rejects asphalt plant near residential neighbourhood

On July 10, a City of Brockville media release stated, “Mayor David Henderson (has) announced the termination of the Agreement that contemplated the sale of City owned lands to the Tomlinson Group and the development of multiple industrial uses on the property in the west end area of the City.”

The Coalition for Responsible Urban Zoning (CRUZ) had opposed the City of Brockville’s sale of 44-acres of land to the Ottawa-based R.W. Tomlinson Ltd. that wanted to build a concrete plant, cement storage terminal, waste transfer station, recycling facility and an asphalt plant close to a residential neighbourhood.

The Council of Canadians Brockville chapter helped in this fight-back, including chapter activist Maureen Wharton who was part of CRUZ.

More than 500 people packed into the Brockville Arts Centre in mid-June to express their concern about the proposed project.

More at the ‘Help Stop the Brockville Asphalt/Cement Plant’ Facebook page and the CRUZ website.

Congratulations to everyone who helped with this community win!