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WIN! Doug Ford backs down on Bill 66

We Won!

The Ontario government just announced it will drop the worst part of Bill 66 – and it’s thanks to people power!

More than 5,000 Council of Canadians supporters from throughout Ontario flooded the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario with comments in opposition to their proposed Bill over the last week. In response, yesterday, the Ford government announced it’s backing down on Section 10 – which contained the most destructive elements.

This is a huge win for people and the environment! Section 10 proposed giving municipalities the option of ignoring the most important laws in Ontario that protect water, farmland and critical habitat from short-sighted development.

Bill 66 still contains some very harmful changes though that will result in:

  • Employees working significant amounts of overtime without overtime pay.

  • Lower wages for unionized construction workers in many sectors of the economy.

  • Daycares with more children and fewer staff to look after them.

  • Less qualified caregivers in public school and daycare after hours care programs.

  • Less protection from dishonest business practices by wireless companies.

  • Long term care facilities being operated by corporations without experience and with even less oversight.

The Council of Canadians will continue to pressure the Ford government to cancel these poorly considered cuts to legislation that protects us all – especially the most vulnerable among us.

Help keep the pressure on! Sign on to the Fight Ford Pledge to stand up to Doug Ford and his government’s destructive agenda.

Take the FIGHT FORD Pledge

Thank you again for taking action for an Ontario that works and cares for everyone!