WIN! Niagara Falls scraps bottled water

Brent Patterson
11 years ago
The Niagara Falls Review reported last night that, "Members of the Council of Canadians and Brock University's chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group waved placards in front of city hall before the start of Monday's council meeting." The article continues, "Niagara Falls council is scheduled to consider a recommendation from its Park in the City committee calling on the city to cease the sale of bottled water at arenas, parks and city-run events." This morning, a Niagara Falls Review headlne reads, "Niagara Falls scraps bottled water." The article isn't accessible at the moment, but Council of Canadians Ontario-Quebec organizer Stuart Trew who was there last night reports, "It was a unanimous vote in favour of a bottled water phase out. Frank Fohr's presentation convinced them all." Niagara This Week quoted Frank Fohr (a member of the Park in the City committee and Council chapter activist) in September 2008 saying, "We want to implement a ban on providing bottled water on municipal facilities. We have a perfectly good water source that the city provides us with through our taps and we should be encouraging the use of that, rather than the false impression that bottled water is better, when it is not." The news article about last night's win should be available soon at We will have more on this later today. Congratulations to everyone who worked so hard for this win.

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