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Winnipeg students build Trojan Horse, call for a public review of Canada-EU deal

On November 25, students from the University of Winnipeg organized a Stop CETA walk led by their very own Trojan Horse! Mary Robinson from the Winnipeg chapter of the Council of Canadians, which joined the walk and rally, writes all about it here. She quotes student organizer Michael Barkman explaining the event:

The Trojan Horse represents what this agreement means for Canada – it may look good from the outside, but inside deregulation and privatization of the Canadian economy and health care, strengthening of corporate power, and decreasing efforts at addressing the climate crisis lurk.

Following the rally, the Winnipeg chapter delivered a letter to Premier Greg Selinger and Minister of Jobs and the Economy Theresa Oswald, which says:

This is the time for the Manitoba Government to provide opportunities for Manitobans to learn more about the deal from many sources; a time to ensure that Manitobans are able to comment on the deal; a time to listen to Manitobans.

This is the time for the Manitoba Government to insist on a broad and meaningful public review and consultation on CETA.

To see more pictures of the march and to read Mary’s blog, click here.