Your love for water on World Water Day

Maude Barlow
1 year ago

Today is World Water Day – a day for all of us to celebrate this life-giving resource.

Do you have 2 minutes to show your love for water? Today is World Water Day – a day for all of us to celebrate this life-giving resource, take action to protect it, and support communities suffering without access to clean, safe drinking water, including right here in our own backyard.

I know you care deeply about water. Supporters like you have helped build the Council of Canadians into a global leader in protecting community water sources and fighting for water justice. And I’m so grateful to you.

Now here are some ways you can join in today’s celebration and make a real difference:

Call on the federal government to end drinking water advisories in First Nations. Water is a human right, but many people living in First Nations go without the clean, safe water they need to live. Help push governments to put an end to drinking water advisories in all First Nations for good.

Start a monthly gift (or increase your monthly gift) to help protect lakes, rivers and drinking water sources year-round. Monthly gifts are so important to sustaining the Council of Canadians’ critical public advocacy work to hold corporations and governments to account and allow us to better plan campaigns long-term.

Help make your community a “Blue Community.” The Council’s Blue Communities Project, done jointly with CUPE and Eau Secours, gives people the tools they need to encourage municipalities and other communities to ban bottled water, protect the human right to water and promote public water services. Today we celebrate our newest Blue Community: Montreal!

Support communities fighting back against Nestlé. Add your voice to the work the Council of Canadians is doing with communities and environmental groups to challenge Nestlé’s outrageous bottled water grabs.

We all need water to live. And the Council of Canadians is proud to be your go-to source for ways to take action to protect it in your community.

Happy World Water Day and thank you for being a water defender!

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