Ballot Box Toolkit

An organizing kit for increasing voter turnout in your community

Our democracy is in crisis. Free speech, the right to protest, the right to vote in free and fair elections, and the right to not be subjected to widespread, invasive, and unjustifiable state surveillance are all being threatened. The erosion of these democratic rights and more has brought us to a tipping point in the relationship between the people and our government.

The Harper government won its majority in the last election with just 6,201 votes across 14 ridings. Meanwhile, more than 9 million eligible voters didn’t cast a ballot. Increasing voter turnout can change the math in the next election.

Through our “Go vote!” campaign, the Council of Canadians is reaching out to people across the country, informing them about election issues, giving them useful tools and resources, and most importantly, encouraging everyone to vote in the upcoming federal election. Reaching out to youth is also one of our main focuses. Close to two out of very three young people didn’t vote in the last election. Through our “Game Changers” campaign we’re empowering youth to get involved and cast their ballot.

It’s time for change. By building a movement of committed voters we can create a path to a different future. If we want genuine change this federal election, thousands of us from coast to coast to coast need to speak up, stand up, and show up. The Ballot Box Toolkit will give you ideas of things you can do to bring about change in your community this election.

Friday, September 4, 2015