Chapters This Week

Members of the Fredericton Chapter at the proposed Sisson Mine site in New Brunswick.

Once again this week, Council of Canadians Chapters were active in communities across the country, hosting events and coordinating actions in the name of democracy, social and environmental justice, and Indigenous solidarity. Here are some highlights:


The Ottawa Chapter co-hosted an All Candidates debate for Rideau Vanier Ward city councillor on October 8.

The Guelph Chapter hosted a very successful Mayoral Debate at Guelph City Hall on October 10. The Chapter is continuing their "GET OUT AND VOTE" campaign for the upcoming municipal elections.

The Northwest Territories Chapter wrote an open letter to MP Michael McLeod requesting a public meeting to discuss pressing issues, which he has so far refused to do.

Community newspaper The Millstone published a story on the Mississippi Mills, Ontario Chapter's questionnaire for local municipal candidates.

Chapters in B.C. and beyond talked about the importance of proportional representation, including Comox Valley, Kamloops, Quinte and Guelph.

Energy and Climate

Many of our chapters reacted with frustration and determination – but not surprise – to the recent UN climate change report, including Comox Valley, Quinte, Ottawa, London, Montreal, PEI, South Shore, Fredericton, and Guelph.

And in the face this climate crisis, chapters continue to campaign against destructive energy projects like LNG, the Site C dam, and the proposed Teck mine in the tar sands, including Thunder Bay, Victoria and Northwest Territories.


The Comox Valley Chapter co-sponsored a community water forum on October 10, featuring Rosie Simms, a Water Law and Policy Research Coordinator with the Polis Project, Bruce Gibbons, founder of the Merville Water Guardians, and a member of the Cowichan Water Board.

The Northwest Territories Chapter co-sponsored a presentation by Wendy Holm, author of Damming the Peace: The Hidden Costs of the Site C Dam, on October 12.


On October 13, the Fredericton Chapter visited the Wolastoq Mothers & Grandmothers at the proposed Sisson Mine site, helping with camp maintenance and the continuing construction of a second dwelling to be completed soon.

Chapters across the country expressed solidarity with First Nations after the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on the duty to consult, including Mid Island, Northwest Territories, Quinte, Hamilton, Windsor-Essex, PEI, South Shore, Fredericton, Ottawa, and Guelph.

The Kamloops Chapter co-sponsored a public forum on public health care on October 11.

The London Chapter attended an anti-hate rally in response to a march by anti-immigrant extremists on October 13.

The Mid Island Chapter attended the Forests Activism Training Weekend, Oct 13 and 14.


The London Chapter will be co-hosting the London stop of the Corporatizing Canada book launch on October 17.

The Hamilton Chapter is co-hosting a "Poverty and Inequality in Hamilton" forum October 17.

The PEI Chapter is hosting a conflict resolution workshop, Paul Hutchinson: Living Well With Difference, on October 19.

The London and Kitchener-Waterloo chapters have helped to organize buses to the Protect Public Healthcare Rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto on October 23, and will joined by the Guelph Chapter.

The Quinte Chapter is hosting Joyce Nelson, author of Beyond Banksters: Resisting the New Feudalism in Picton on October 24.

The Comox Valley Chapter will be hosting an interactive evening on understanding electoral reform, featuring Barb Berger from Fair Vote Comox Valley on October 27.

The Toronto Chapter is co-presenting the film Guardian at the 19th Annual Planet in Focus Environmental Film Festival on October 27.

The Ottawa Chapter shared the upcoming Muskrat Falls Parliament Hill Direct Action: See Their Faces on October 29.

The Montreal Chapter is co-hosting the Montreal Corporatizing Canada Book Launch on October 29.

The London Chapter’s AGM will be held on November 21. The chapter invited nominations for steering committee members, and by-law amendments.


Thank you to all our Chapter activists for your always inspiring and tireless work!

If your chapter took action this week, but it isn't listed above, send an email to and tell us about it!