Chapters This Week

The Moncton Chapter helped launch the coalition Moncton H20

Thank you to our chapters for a week of impressive actions, articles, and solidarity across the country. Here are just some of the highlights:


Through the coalition Moncton H20, the Moncton Chapter campaigned to see their municipal water service brought back into public hands. The chapter also highlighted the problem of blue-green algae in local waterways and across the country.

The Guelph chapter continued their work with Wellington Water Watchers at the #SayNOtoNestle campaign meeting

The Quinte Chapter organized to have the “Quench Buggy” – a mobile water station providing drinking fountains and refill stations to top up personal water containers – at the PEC Women’s Institute Art and Craft Show in Picton.

Many chapter shared articles and actions supporting the ongoing fight against the Site C dam disaster.


London co-chair David Heap spoke out in an interview on Al Jazeera about the Israeli navy’s attack on the Freedom Flotilla boat, Al Adwa. The London Chapter called on Canada to exert pressure for Palestinian human rights.

Several chapters shared news of Larry Commodore from Stó:lō Nation - a Participant on the Al Awda Freedom Flotilla boat who was taken prisoner by the Israeli navy.

Hamilton Chapter activist Dave Cherkewski spoke out against Doug Ford’s decision to cancel Ontario’s basic income pilot project .

The London Chapter attended a London Health Care Coalition meeting to plan for their rally against Doug Ford’s health care agenda.

The Quinte Chapter raised awareness and attended a meeting about a proposed 32 hectare trailer park expansion near sensitive wetlands on Prince Edward County’s South Shore.

The Peterborough Chapter objected to the sale of their local hydro utility to Hydro One, and the secrecy surrounding the deal.


The Northwest Territories Chapter called for people to vote for climate action candidates in upcoming local, provincial and federal elections.

The Guelph Chapters called on Ontarians to educate themselves about candidates in the upcoming municipal elections.

The Fredericton Chapter posted about the dangers of fake Facebook ads and other interference in New Brunswick elections.


Many of the chapters shared stories and raised alarm over the unprecedented global heat wave and other current, real and devastating consequences of climate change.

The Edmonton Chapter highlighted the failure of tar sands oil companies to reduce


The London Chapter will be participating in the Fighting Ford's Austerity: Building a Powerful Movement rally in London on August 11.

Several Chapters will be joining the Canadian Labour Congress’ webinar How to campaign on pharmacare in your community on Wednesday, Aug 8

Finally, we offer our condolences the London Chapter, and to the family and friends of long-time London Chapter activist George Crowell, who passed away recently.

If your chapter took action this week, but it isn't listed above, send an email to and tell us about it!