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Council chapters are made up of volunteers who work with local community groups, organized labour and others to promote the Council’s campaigns to protect water and public health care, work for fair trade, climate justice and democracy as well as other issues of social and economic concern. Check out some of our chapters’ recent actions below and be in touch if you are interested in getting involved in a chapter near you.

Dave Vasey
Obituary: Remembering Canadian activist David Vasey

Blue CommunitiesLa ville de Danville reçoit la certification « Communauté Bleue » (Guy-Charles Amnotte) Mardi 29 janvier 2019 – Les élus de Danville ont reçu hier soir dans le cadre de leur réunion de travail bihebdomadaire, la certification « Communauté Bleue » de l'organisme Eau Secours, visant à la protection et la gestion responsable de l’eau sur son territoire. Danville devient ainsi la deuxième ville au Québec après Amqui, à se mériter un tel honneur...

The City of Danville receives the "Blue community" certification (Guy-Charles Amnotte) Tuesday, January 29, 2019-Danville's representatives received last night as part of their biweekly work meeting, the "Blue community" certification of the water relief agency, aimed at protection and Water Management in its territory. Danville became the second city in Quebec after amqui, to deserve such honor...

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