Chapters This Week!

Here is just some of the great work chapters have done this past week, and some of the events coming up.

Climate Justice

The Edmonton Chapter wrote a letter to city council, criticizing the city’s continued use of chlorpyrifos, a dangerous pesticide that has just been banned in the U.S. by a federal judge. The Chapter also released their Steering Committee statement on the Kinder Morgan expansion.

The Northwest Territories Chapter organized a protest at their local MP Michael McLeod's BBQ and sent him an open letter calling for public consultations on the Kinder Morgan buyout.

Other chapters across the country continued to voice their anger over the Kinder Morgan pipeline, including the Victoria, Vancouver, Guelph, Quinte, Montreal and Moncton chapters. Many of those same chapters shared the dire news around wild fires and other damaging effects of climate change.

The Moncton, South Shore and PEI chapters commented on a recent court ruling that awarded $298m to Dewayne Johnson, a former groundskeeper whose terminal cancer was caused by the weed killer Roundup.


Susan McSherry of GETconcerned thanked the Guelph Chapter for their support in the fight against the proposed Xinyi Canada gas plant.

The Hamilton and Guelph Chapters shared news of Xinyi Canada’s decision not to appeal a ruling by Guelph/Eramosa Township against its proposed glass factory.

The Comox Valley Chapter shared the Freshwater Alliance petition to defend BC’s water.

Guelph chapter shared the All Nations Water Walk, starting September 15 at the headwaters of the Grand River.


The London Chapter promoted local ward and mayoral candidate meetings for upcoming municipal elections

The Comox Valley Chapter thanked individuals, local businesses and organizations that helped support their Oh Canada Team Trivia Night Fundraiser.

Red Deer Chapter promoted petitions on pharmacare and Bayer’s challenge to bee-saving pesticide bans.

The Moncton Chapter spoke out against the City of Moncton’s decision to subsidize a privately owned basketball team.

The Quinte and Northwest Territories chapters were appalled at the federal government's decision to appeal the recent court ruling in favour of charities' rights to free political expression.


The Ottawa Chapter is looking forward to the upcoming book launch of Corporatizing Canada, on Sept. 19.

The North Shore Chapter is co-sponsoring the launch of a new book entitled There's Something in the Water: Environmental Racism in Indigenous and Black Communities by Dr. Ingrid Waldron, on August 21 in Tatamagouche.

The Comox Valley Chapter is co-sponsoring the Comox Valley Sustainability Forum on Sept. 19.

The Guelph, Montreal and Nanaimo chapters will be participating in the Sept. 8 Rise for the Climate actions.

If your chapter took action this week, but it isn't listed above, send an email to and tell us about it!