Chapters This Week

It's been a busy end to summer, and an exciting start to fall. Chapters have celebrated the Indigenous-led court victory against the Trans Mountain Pipeline, set up tables at Labour Day celebrations, and marched for Climate, Jobs & Justice all across the country. Here are some of those actions and more:

Climate & Environment

Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice actions were organized or attended by chapters in Guelph, Montreal, Quinte, London, Nanaimo, Vancouver, Victoria, Moncton, Charlottetown, Saskatoon, Regina, Peterborough and more.

The Kent County Chapter shared their excellent submission on the federal government's discussion paper about Strategic Assessment of Climate Change.

The Comox Valley and Mid Islands chapters shared West Coast Environmental Law’s letter writing campaign asking Mayors and City Councils in B.C. to demand that fossil fuel companies pay their fair share of climate change related costs.

Many chapters, including Guelph, Northwest Territories, Kamloops, London, Victoria, and Mid Island, continued to look ahead at where the Kinder Morgan fight may go next, and the state of our climate.


Several of our Nova Scotia chapters continued their support of the Campaign to Protect Offshore Nova Scotia (CPONS) with signs and stickers at Labour Day celebrations across the province.

The London Chapter was at the London Labour Day Picnic promoting the Blue Communities Project and educating visitors on banning bottled water. In preparation for upcoming municipal elections, they posted a list of water-related questions for candidates, along with a listing of upcoming debates.


The London chapter also published a supporter’s letter to all candidates, with a wide range of questions on social justice issues.

The Kamloops Chapter was out promoting the September 22 meet the candidates meeting for upcoming municipal elections, filming promos by the candidates themselves!

The Fredericton Chapter published a handbill and blog post on 2018 New Brunswick election issues.

The Mid Island, Comox Valley, Northwest Territories and Quinte chapters all shared articles and calls to action on proportional representation and electoral reform.


The Edmonton Chapter continues to support efforts to eliminate dangerous pesticide use by the city, with cautious optimism!

Sheryl McCumsey from the Edmonton Chapter was on the White Rock Podcast to discuss the lack of pesticide testing for White Rock’s drinking water.

The London Chapter shared the event The River Talks: A Gathering at Deshkan Ziibiing, on October 18, 19 and 20.

Comox Valley sent out their September newsletter.

The Northwest Territories Chapter applauded Yellowknife’s decision to hire an Indigenous relations advisor.

The Northwest Territories and Vancouver chapters posted about the Site C injunction hearings and BC Hydro’s infringement of Treaty 8.


The Fredericton Chapter is hosting an all-candidates meeting on September 11 for the upcoming provincial election.

The Guelph Chapter is co-hosting the event Aquifers Under Siege - What happens when the wells run dry? featuring Maude Barlow on September 12.

The Peterborough Chapter is sponsoring a bus to the Curve Lake First Nations Pow Wow on September 15.

The Comox Valley Chapter is co-sponsoring the Comox Valley Sustainability Forum on September 19.

The Ottawa Chapter shared the upcoming book launch of Corporatizing Canada, on September 19.

The Kamloops Chapter will be hosting an all candidates meeting on September 22 at the Kamloops Farmers’ Market.

The London Chapter is hosting a talk on this year’s Freedom Flotilla, on September 26.

The Kamloops Chapter is co-sponsoring a public forum on public health care, October 11.

The London Chapter will be going to the Protect Public Healthcare Rally at Queen’s Park in Toronto on October 23.

Thanks you to all our chapter activists!

If your chapter took action this week, but it isn't listed above, send an email to and tell us about it!