Muskrat Falls solidarity day of action: round-up of events

The call-out from the LLP and Grand Riverkeeper came a few months ago, a realization that they have exhausted all avenues to stop the Muskrat Falls project but their resolve to stopping it remains unchanged. We knew we needed to step up and support this Day of Action, to help amplify the voices that are not being heard by the decision-makers including elected members of government and monopoly power companies.

Muskrat Falls opponents gathered outside the Emera headquarters in Halifax on Monday. (Photo cred: Robin Tress)

The primary action was at Parliament Hill in Ottawa (unceded Algonquin territory). Great livestream videos were posted here by the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group. Read more about the action here.

Elders Jim Learning, Marjorie Flowers and Eldred Davis, along with others willing to risk arrest on May 7 2018 at Parliament Hill.

Solidarity actions were held in Winnipeg, Mississauga, Halifax, Happy Valley-Goose Bay, and St. John’s.

Labrador Land Protectors decided to continue their day of action last night at the main gate of the construction site at Muskrat Falls. 

The Council has been working in solidarity with the Labrador Land Protectors (LLP) and the Grand Riverkeeper-Labrador actively since our Annual Conference was held in St. John’s in October 2016, and have been raising concerns with Muskrat Falls even before this. A few of us participated in an occupation of the Legislature building at that time and became quick friends. Since then, we have formed a National Solidarity Team and meet via conference call regularly.

On my way to the solidarity rally yesterday, I knew I was on the right path as a bald eagle circled above me, while at the same time being (randomly) followed by an RCMP car. I am honoured to be working with these amazing people, and for an organization committed to supporting frontline struggles like this one because water is life, Indigenous cultures must be respected and protected, and people must come before profits.

(Shout out to Matthew Behrens for the idea and execution of this day of action, and to co-conspirator and amazing human and LLP Denise Cole)

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