Protect Nova Scotia from offshore spills

Offshore drilling not worth the risk

Earlier this month, the Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Board approved an extension to BP Canada’s licence to drill offshore.

The Nova Scotia government has confirmed we are in a climate crisis, yet they continue to enable and promote offshore oil and gas exploration – an industry that contributes greatly to the crisis.

We can’t have it both ways. The climate crisis is causing devastation around the world, including droughts, floods and raging forest fires in Canada, the Amazon and most recently in Australia. By approving this extension and promoting fossil fuel extraction, Nova Scotia is adding fuel to the fire.

This is why we need a moratorium on offshore drilling and public inquiry, not licence extensions for fossil fuel extraction.

Thousands of people in Nova Scotia have signed this petition, helping to inspire 12 municipalities to call for an inquiry. We hope to get more municipal governments on board this year, and your signature on this petition will help us achieve that goal. Will you sign the petition today?

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Around the world, BP has proven to be a negligent company on multiple occasions and spills have caused irreversible damage. And 54 per cent of Nova Scotians don’t want BP here at all.

Just two months after Environment and Climate Change Canada claimed BP’s project was “not likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects,” BP spilled 136,000 litres of toxic drilling mud into the ocean. Given BP’s safety record, and the Offshore Petroleum Boards’s lack of functional regulatory oversight, this is a lose-lose for our coastal communities and for the renewable resources we depend on.

Our government needs to step in and put a moratorium on offshore drilling while a public inquiry takes place. Will you sign the petition to stop offshore drilling?

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