April 4, 2019

Earlier this week, city council members in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan considered a request from the local Council of Canadians chapter to become a Blue Community.

Blue Communities encourages municipalities and Indigenous communities to support the idea of a water commons framework, recognizing that water is a shared resource for all, by passing resolutions that recognize water and sanitation as human rights, ban or phase out the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities and at municipal events and promote publicly financed, owned, and operated water and wastewater services.

April 4, 2019

The Council of Canadians shares its support and solidarity with students today as tens of thousands ready to walk out of classrooms in Ontario in protest of Premier Doug Ford’s relentless and devastating education cuts.

Rayne Fisher-Quann, a 17 year-old student and activist, writes about the walkout today in the Toronto Star. We are sharing her inspiring words describing the intentions behind today’s actions.

Last September I helped lead 40,000 students onto the streets to protest devastating changes to education. Young people from every corner of our province stood together to demand better from our government in what we hoped was a final show of resilience.

Clearly, the Ford government didn’t learn its lesson.

April 2, 2019

While global temperatures have increased 0.8C since 1948, Canada has seen an increase of 1.7C – more than double the global average. And in the Arctic, the warming is happening at a much faster rate of 2.3C, the Changing Climate report says

A new report leaked one day early from Environment and Climate Change Canada shows that Canada is experiencing warming at twice the rate of the rest of the world, with Northern Canada heating up at almost three times the global average.

April 1, 2019

On Monday, March 25, I joined our Regional Organizer Mark Calzavara in Toronto at a conference on building the people power to stop the Ford government’s regressive plans for the province.

The Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL) organizers of the Power Of Many gathering had reportedly been expecting 300 participants. Over 900 labour and community activists showed up, highlighting the appetite for serious organizing to resist Ford’s attacks on people and the planet.

The gathering began with an Indigenous welcome and territorial land acknowledgement, which recognized the need to disrupt colonialism as we build the resistance to the Ford agenda.


In office for less than a year so far, Ford’s attacks have already been swift and far-reaching.

April 1, 2019

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer put a stop work order on a project to build a tunnel under the Straits of Mackinac for Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline.

Line 5 is a 65 year-old oil and natural gas pipeline that crosses under the St. Clair River where Lake Huron and Lake Michigan meet, bringing crude to refineries in Sarnia, Ontario.

According to an article in the Sarnia Observer, “the pipeline was built to carry Western Canadian oil and natural gas liquids between Superior, Wisconsin, and Sarnia but, in recent years, attracted the attention of Michigan politicians and environmental groups who warned a rupture in the straits could contaminate the Great Lakes.”

The Council of Canadians was one of the groups objecting to the project based on the danger the aging pipeline poses to the Great lakes, which provide life and livelihood to more than 40 million people and are the economic centre at the heart of the continent.