March 23, 2018

Council of Canadians Northumberland chapter activist Rick Arnold delivered the chapter's letter in opposition to Chapter 11 in NAFTA and in defence of supply management to Liberal MP Kim Rudd on March 22.

Here's a snapshot of recent and upcoming chapter actions across the country:

March 23, 2018

Maude Barlow addressed the Berlin House of Representatives on March 29, 2017.

Berlin's House of Representatives (state parliament) has voted for the city-state of 3.7 million people to become a blue community!

A 'blue community' is a municipality that adopts a framework that recognizes water as a human right, opposes the sale of bottled water in public facilities and at municipal events, and promotes publicly financed, owned and operated water and wastewater services. A blue community can also be a university, faith-based grouping, union, First Nation, or another kind of association.

March 22, 2018

Organizers in Barcelona successfully gathered over 15,000 signatures required to hold a referendum on the remunicipalisation of that city's water supply in June. Today they released a video showing messages of support from around the world.

March 22, 2018

Brasilia –  The Fórum Alternativo Mundial da Água (FAMA) or Alternative World Water Forum concluded with a march today that saw 5-7,000 people from around Brasil and around the World take to the streets of Brasilia demanding an end to the privatization and commodification of water.
From March 17-22, the FAMA hosted meetings, workshops and panel discussions involving 7,000 water justice activists. The FAMA is held in opposition to the corporate-led World Water Forum, which is taking place in Brasilia this year. Brazilians are challenging the Temer government’s complicity with big corporations to commodify and privatize water supplies and services in the country. Earlier this year, the Temer government

March 22, 2018

Do you have 2 minutes to show your love for water? Today is World Water Day – a day for all of us to celebrate this life-giving resource, take action to protect it, and support communities suffering without access to clean, safe drinking water, including right here in Canada.

Here are some ways you can join in today’s celebration and make a real difference:

Support communities fighting back against Nestlé! Watch this amazing new video of the work the Council of Canadians is doing with communities and environmental groups to challenge Nestlé’s outrageous bottled water grabs.