June 26, 2018

Finance minister Bill Morneau and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Several months ago, Council of Canadians honorary chairperson Maude Barlow commented, "A global corporate tax 'race to the bottom' is taking place. This is a dangerous trend that will deepen inequality and favour the already favoured."

CBC now reports, "In the face of a growing number of calls for Canada to match a recent U.S. corporate tax cut, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has embarked on a 'listening' tour of Canadian businesses and is mulling new measures to level the playing field - which could come as early as the fall economic statement."

That article explains, "U.S. President Donald Trump has cut the top corporate tax rate from 35 per cent to 21 per cent beginning this year. Canada's combined corporate tax rate hovers above 25 per cent, depending on the province."

The Business Council of Canada, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters, and the Canadian Chamber of Commerce have all reportedly called on the federal finance minister to cut the corporate tax rate.

June 25, 2018

The Council of Canadians Thunder Bay chapter took part in the 'Walk for the Women of the Port Arthur Health Clinic' tonight.

In advance of the march, CBC reported, "Supporters of the striking workers at the Port Arthur Health Centre will hold a walk on Monday evening to urge the workers' employer to come to the bargaining table. About 65 appointment secretaries, medical aides and medical records staffers have been on the picket line since April 9. All of them are women. Unifor, their union, says low wages and a lack of permanent stable employment are key issues in the dispute, and the employer has twice refused mediation, the union said."

June 25, 2018

Lois Little is co-chair of the N.W.T. chapter of the Council of Canadians. (CBC)

The CBC reports:

As the Northwest Territories government plans for changes to major natural resource and environmental management legislation, the Council of Canadians says it's not living up to its commitments to Indigenous rights.

The N.W.T. chapter of the council penned a letter to Premier Bob McLeod on June 12, outlining its concerns that the post-devolution laws make no reference to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples nor to the human right to water.

"It seemed to us that it was an obvious omission, so we thought we'd ask the premier as to why that commitment to a UN declaration wasn't reflected in our legislation," said Lois Little, co-chair of the N.W.T. chapter of the council.

June 25, 2018

Montreal chapter Robert McBryde leads us in chants on the streets of Ottawa. Peterborough-Kawarthas chapter activist Paul Cragg provided some great trumpet sounds as well! Photo by Council of Canadians Board member Dorene Bernard.

Council of Canadians chapters from coast-to-coast-to-coast converged in Ottawa this past weekend for our Groundswell annual conference and took to the streets on Saturday to say #ProtectOffshoreNSMikmaki and #StopKM!

We were led in the march by the slogans of Montreal chapter activist Robert McBryde! To see a video of the march with those slogans/chants and some powerful speeches made outside the Prime Minister's Office by Dorene Bernard Andrea Harden Robin Tress and Harjap Grewal, please click here.

As a resource lots of protests to come, Robert has shared his slogans with us below!

SO-SO-SO Solidarité
Avec, avec, avec les Premières Nations!

June 25, 2018

At the G7, U.S. President Donald Trump turned a polite closed-door meeting of the world's elite into a reality show styled insult fest. It appears that a world trade war is unavoidable.

Most of the business press, along with various elites, have condemned Trump's moves. John Ibbitson of The Globe and Mail has gone so far as to say that this is the end of the whole western order, of Bretton woods, the World Trade Organization, of American-inspired liberal free trade all over the world.