April 28, 2017

The Council of Canadians Delta-Richmond chapter and allies disrupted the groundbreaking ceremony featuring B.C. Transportation Minister Todd Stone intended to mark the beginning of the construction of the Massey Bridge, April 5, 2017.

The Council of Canadians Vancouver-Burnaby chapter has re-tweeted an op-ed published in The Province that highlights how $4 billion could be better spent than on a 10-lane bridge that has been described as a climate crime.

April 28, 2017

The Council of Canadians Sudbury chapter will be participating in The People's Climate march in their community on April 29.

The outreach has highlighted, "In September 2014, Sudbury participated in the largest climate march ever worldwide. We are back and want everyone to know Sudbury is still one of the many communities that is leading the world in tackling the climate crisis. Join us on April 29th at noon near the Bridge of Nations in downtown Sudbury. We can build a better world because of the climate crisis. It is forcing us to connect and not be selfish. Community is key and will save us in the end. We hope you will join us."

The Sudbury Star reports, "On Saturday, Sudburians will join activists around the world and march to create political will for real climate action, the creation of clean tech jobs and for what they call 'climate justice'. The march in Sudbury is one of more than 300 happening internationally and is inspired by the historic People's Climate Mobilization in Washington, D.C., on that same day."

April 28, 2017

Council of Canadians trade campaigner Sujata Dey will be at the "Trinational Meeting of Social Movements from Canada, Mexico and the United States on NAFTA" this coming May 26-27 in Mexico City.

The call-out for this 'encuentro' highlights, "We call on social movements, trade unions, farmers, indigenous nations, migrants, environmentalists, human rights groups and all other interested sectors/organizations from Mexico, United States and Canada to come together to strengthen trinational work in the face of the ‘re-negotiation’ of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), an agreement that has been negative for the peoples of the three countries. ...This gathering gives us all an opportunity to strategize around actions needed to build collective power based on the principles of solidarity and internationalism while sharing alternatives to the dominant neo-liberal agenda."

It adds, "On May 25, some organizations will hold sectoral trinational meetings specific to labour, agriculture, migrant workers and other key areas."

April 28, 2017

Photo by Alex Tétreault

Council of Canadians energy and climate justice campaigner Daniel Cayley-Daoust joined a 350 Canada-organized action earlier this week.

The promotion for the action had highlighted, "The dirtiest oil lobby in the country is trying to cover up its dangerous work by sponsoring Canada's most iconic museum. Decision makers at the museum will have a big meeting on Monday and we plan to show up with thousands of signatures calling on them to stand on the right side of history."

This handimation video outlines the concerns about the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and its ties with the Museum of History.

After the action, 350 Canada reported, "On Monday, dozens of people came together in Gatineau at the Museum of History’s Annual General Meeting to put the museum’s decision makers on notice. We came with a simple yet powerful message: Big Oil has no place in the Canadian Museum of History."

April 28, 2017

Photo by Julie Picken-Cooper.

The Council of Canadians London chapter protested yesterday afternoon in support of action on the promise of electoral reform.

Chapter activist Julie Picken-Cooper says, "This was Trudeau's promise during his campaign that Canada would embrace Electoral Reform...SHAME that we have to continue protesting as he went back on his promise."

The outreach for yesterday's protest highlighted, "Please join us at Richmond and Oxford from 4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. to let passersby know that we want Trudeau to keep his promise on electoral reform. Signs – we don’t have enough, about seven. Please make one, or more... we'll bring a heavy duty stapler if you bring the handle and cardboard sign."

We are now in the critical weeks before a vote in the House on the recommendations made by the Special Committee on Electoral Reform.