September 23, 2009

The Barrie Examiner reports this morning that, "After 25 years of studies, delays, meetings and protests, Site 41 was laid to rest on Tuesday. Simcoe County councillors passed a motion yesterday that will see construction and all future development at the North Simcoe Landfill Site discontinued. 'Site 41 will no longer be constructed as a landfill site,' Simcoe County Warden Tony Guergis said after the motion passed."

"Of the 32 councillors, three opposed the motion: Bradford West Gwillimbury Mayor Doug White, Bradford W.G. Deputy Mayor Dennis Roughley and Severn Township Mayor Phil Sled. Absent from yesterday's vote were Innisfil Deputy Mayor Gord Wauchope, Wasaga Beach Deputy Mayor David Foster and New Tecumseth Deputy Mayor Rick Milne."

The Council of Canadians media release celebrating the win can be read at

The campaign blog (with a few pictures), which tracked the day at council, is at

September 22, 2009

Online action alert

The Climate Change Accountability Act (Bill C-311) needs your support again. On April 1, Bill C-311 passed second reading with 141 votes in favour and 128 against. The bill has been referred to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development for further debate, following which it will be brought back to the House for a final vote at third reading.

The Act has been at the committee level since April. In order to have the bill passed in time for the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen this December, we need all parties to work together to ensure its swift passage.  This means moving the bill through the committee stage quickly, returning it to the House for a final vote as soon as possible.

This is why we’re asking you to again contact committee members and party leaders urging them to pass the Climate Change Accountability Act as soon as possible.

September 22, 2009

Canadian premiers be warned. There is a growing movement of U.S. state legislatures demanding a greater say in international trade agreements that affect state and municipal policy. Did you hear that McGuinty, Charest, Campbell, Doer, etc? Legislatures -- not premiers. Prime Minister Harper is tagging the premiers along through new free trade talks with the Americans and Europeans precisely because the provinces are being asked to give up a lot of policy space in both cases. But premiers should not have the authority to agree, on behalf of millions of voters, to be bound by these international pacts without first holding a legislative debate. California's law would enforce that debate.

September 22, 2009

8:18 am - Ontario-Quebec organizer Mark Calzavara, water campaigner Meera Karunananthan, and I are again in Barrie for the scheduled vote at Simcoe County council on a permanent moratorium on Site 41, the proposed landfill in Tiny Township that would be built on top of the Alliston aquifer.

While a one-year moratorium was won at the August 25 Simcoe County council meeting, the politics have shifted and the county council now seems prepared to permanently shelve Site 41

There are concerns that unfriendly amendments may be introduced that undermine our campaign, so we are here today to work with councillors and allies to make sure that doesn't happen.

September 21, 2009

From Beijing to New York, Mumbai, Mexico City and Ottawa - over 2578 ‘Wake Up Call’ events are happening today in 130 countries urging their leaders to reignite stalled climate talks.

A broad coalition of environmental and anti-poverty organisations as well as faith, civic and youth groups - called the TCKTCKTCK campaign for the ticking-clock urgency of climate change - is leading the campaign effort.

The campaign effort is timed alongside a gathering that will bring 100 world leaders together in New York this Tuesday for the highest level summit meeting on climate change ever convened.

As reported in The New York Times 'No Climate Change Leader as Nations Meet,'