February 24, 2009

Columnist Linda McQuaig writes in the Toronto Star today that, “The thousands who braved the cold for hours on Parliament Hill weren't there to show their support for deeper Canada-U.S. integration – the agenda of the our financial elite. They were there because Obama's message is the first sign of a possible breakthrough in dealing with the world's two foremost crises, the global economic meltdown and climate change, both products of the unregulated capitalism of recent years.”


February 24, 2009

The Canadian Press is reporting today that, "Quebec Premier Jean Charest is calling on the United States to support and even expand free trade. In a speech before some 150 Ivy Leaguers at Boston's Harvard University on Monday, Charest suggested the North American Free Trade Agreement be re-opened and expanded across the Americas."

Charest is quoted saying NAFTA should be re-opened, "Not for the purpose of closing it down but enhancing, for example, with a continental agreement on energy. That would be a good place to start."

The article also notes, "Charest also outlined his desire for free trade between Canada and Europe and expressed hope that the U.S. would support such an initiative."

February 24, 2009

Globe and Mail columnist Jeffrey Simpson writes this morning that, "On Thursday, President Barack Obama will present his 2010 - yes, 2010 - budgetary proposals. Albertans in particular and Canadians in general might get a shock.

"Mr. Obama will propose what he's always promised: emissions caps for greenhouse-gas emissions that cause global warming. He will create a market for permits to be purchased from the government, then traded among emitters."

THIS IS DIFFERENT FROM HARPER'S 'INTENSITY' APPROACH "Nothing like this has been proposed by the Harper government...The centrepiece of the Harper approach has been that companies will have to reduce the intensity of their energy use and emissions and, if not, pay into a technology fund that might some day come up with ways of lowering emissions...This intensity approach is quite different from Mr. Obama's hard cap...The Prime Minister and his spokesmen have been saying the two systems - intensity and hard caps - amount to the same thing, when, in fact, they do not."

February 24, 2009

The Niagara Falls Review reported last night that, "Members of the Council of Canadians and Brock University's chapter of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group waved placards in front of city hall before the start of Monday's council meeting."

The article continues, "Niagara Falls council is scheduled to consider a recommendation from its Park in the City committee calling on the city to cease the sale of bottled water at arenas, parks and city-run events."

This morning, a Niagara Falls Review headlne reads, "Niagara Falls scraps bottled water."

The article isn't accessible at the moment, but Council of Canadians Ontario-Quebec organizer Stuart Trew who was there last night reports, "It was a unanimous vote in favour of a bottled water phase out. Frank Fohr's presentation convinced them all."

February 23, 2009

As you may know, the Council of Canadians has been working with CUPE Ontario on a 20-city ‘Unbottle It’ tour against bottled water (fifteen communities have been visited, with five more to come in April) and on a possible speaking tour later in the year on the Ontario-Quebec economic partnership agreement, which is a version of TILMA.

The CBC reports today that, "Delegates at a Canadian Union of Public Employees conference in Windsor, Ont., have voted in favour of a resolution to boycott Israeli universities to protest against Israel's recently ended offensive in Gaza."