March 4, 2019

Please take a moment to send an email to the federal and provincial governments in support of the people of Grassy Narrows.

I’m sure you’re as shocked as I am by reading today’s Toronto Star report that the Ontario government is dragging its feet on commitments to search for mercury at the infamous Dryden mill site – mercury that may still be contaminating the waters of Grassy Narrows (Asubpeeschoseewagong) First Nation.

March 4, 2019

This past weekend, Council of Canadians Honorary Chairperson Maude Barlow talked trade with people who are concerned with how to make it fair.

The Canadian Fair Trade Network (CFTN) seeks to “inspire and coordinate a network of engaged civil society advocates and volunteers, along with business, institutional, and government leaders, in building a robust social movement that works to advance the values and vision of fair trade.”

Barlow addressed hundreds of delegates in Ottawa for the CFTN's 7th National Fair Trade Conference, speaking about the history of trade agreements and how they have evolved. She reviewed problems with trade agreements, such as how they give unbalanced power to corporations, and the opportunities that exist to make trade deals work in favour of people and the planet.

Other topics covered during the conference included Fair Trade Towns, living wage/living income, fair trade campuses and more.

March 1, 2019

Film screening in Comox Valley
A packed house at the LNG/Fracking Forum yesterday evening in Comox Valley.

Shout out to Jim Elliott for speaking to the Moose Jaw Nature Society on the Saskatchewan Climate Change Petition.

February 26, 2019

The South Shore chapter hosted a screening of the visually-stimulating documentary Anthropocene: The Human Epoch this past Friday in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, with 150 people in attendance. The film as described on their website: “At the intersection of art and science, ANTHROPOCENE: The Human Epoch witnesses in an experiential and non-didactic sense a critical moment in geological history — bringing a provocative and unforgettable experience of our species’ breadth and impact.”

Given the intensity of the visuals and despite the length of the film, the chapter knew it was important to facilitate a debrief and discussion immediately afterward. Marion Moore, the contact person for the chapter and facilitator of the discussion, said that “... people were visibly moved and ... expressed feelings of despair.”

February 26, 2019

The Council of Canadians is an active supporter of public health care.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott announced the Ford government’s worst-kept secret today: its plans to overhaul the province’s public health system.

According to the CBC, the Doug Ford government is creating a “super-agency” called Ontario Health to oversee the province's $60-billion health-care system. It will dissolve 14 Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) and merge their duties with those of six provincial health agencies, including Cancer Care Ontario and eHealth Ontario.

The NDP revealed these secret plans last month in a series of leaked documents. While Minister Elliott attempted to claim these changes weren’t a done deal, and that the government would consult on any health care changes, today’s announcement proves otherwise.

The changes will be contained in new legislation, The People's Health Care Act, 2019, which Elliott is planning to table in the Ontario legislature today.