February 4, 2019

This morning, our worst fears were confirmed.

This morning, our worst fears were confirmed. The Ontario NDP released yet more leaked documents that further reveal Doug Ford’s scheme to privatize health care services across Ontario.

Documents dating back to mid-December show plans have already been approved to shift health care services, and the public dollars that fund them, into private hands.

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott addressed this latest leak just hours ago at a media conference at Queen’s Park, where she was forced to admit, “what we are proposing is a massive transformation of our public health care system…”

February 1, 2019


A leaked document from the Ford government shows that the Progressive Conservatives are preparing to privatize health care in Ontario. The document is a draft bill, 81 pages long, titled “The Health System Efficiency Act.”

According to media reports, the Ford government plans to create a new “Super Agency” that would have a mandate to privatize health care in Ontario. We can’t let this happen.

You can take action right now to stop this. Will you take a few minutes and call Health Minister Christine Elliott (and/or your MPP if you live in a PCO riding) to say you oppose privatizing health care?

February 1, 2019

Every day, Council of Canadians chapters are active in communities across the country. Council chapters are made up of volunteers who work with local community groups, organized labour and others to promote the Council’s campaigns to protect water and public health care, work for fair trade, climate justice and democracy as well as other issues of social and economic concern. Check out some of our chapters’ recent actions below and be in touch if you are interested in getting involved in a chapter near you.

Montreal Chapter
Montreal chapter was present at a wonderful event held at Concordia on Tuesday for the interfaith commemoration of the second anniversary of the massacre at the Islamic Centre in Quebec City.

January 31, 2019

More than 500 people gathered in Pictou Landing First Nation’s gym to kick-off the one year countdown to the closure of Northern Pulp’s treatment facility in Boat Harbour, where an estimated trillion litres of effluent from the mill has flowed into since 1966. Carol from the North Shore Nova Scotia chapter was there and called it a “moving celebration”.

January 31, 2019
Pumpjack near Edmonton, AB on Treaty 6 Territory. 

This morning the Supreme Court of Canada handed down a ruling on the Redwater case, overturning earlier decisions that said the Alberta Environmental Regulator (AER) couldn't seize assets of bankrupt companies to pay for environmental clean-up. 

Because our regulatory system has allowed for it, a disturbing pattern has emerged whereby extraction companies rack up huge debts, file for bankruptcy, sell their assets to the creditors, and shed any responsibility for the environmental wreckage they leave behind. Today's ruling will help break this cycle.