Blue Communities


Blue Community Logo The Blue Communities Project encourages municipalities and Indigenous communities to support the idea of a water commons framework, recognizing that water is a shared resource for all, by passing resolutions that:

  1. Recognize water and sanitation as human rights.
  2. Ban or phase out the sale of bottled water in municipal facilities and at municipal events.
  3. Promote publicly financed, owned, and operated water and wastewater services.

The Council of Canadians, the Blue Planet Project and the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) initiated the Blue Communities Project in 2009. Eau Secours is a partner on the Blue Communities Project in Quebec. The Blue Communities movement has grown internationally with Paris, France, Bern, Switzerland and other municipalities around the world going “blue.” Schools, religious communities and faith-based groups have also adopted principles that treat water as a common good that is shared by everyone and is the responsibility of all.

Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about the Blue Communities Project.

Montreal and McGill University becoming Blue Communities on World Water Day 2019!

We invite you to become a part of the local and global movement for water security and justice by joining the Blue Communities Project – a joint initiative that furthers the work of local Water Watch coalitions across the country.

Learn what you can do as a community activist, public sector worker or municipal councillor to help protect the water commons – our shared water resources – in the face of increasing pressure to put water up for sale and privatize water services.

Map of Blue Communities:

Official Blue Communities:

Location Date Designation Sort descending
London, Ontario
Kingston, ON
Saint-Élie-de-Caxton (Mauricie), Quebec
Tiny Township, ON
Victoriaville, Quebec
Vancouver, British Columbia
Trois-Rivières, Quebec
Thorold, ON
Le Domaine-du-Roy Regional County Municipality, Quebec (7 communities)
Victoria, B.C.
Saint-Fulgence, Quebec
Welland, ON
Saint-Paulin, Quebec
Burnaby, B.C.
Otterburn Park, Quebec
City of Montreal, Quebec
Comox, B.C.
Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, Quebec
District of Lunenburg, NS
Candiac, Quebec
Cumberland, B.C.
Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Canada
Cornwall, Prince Edward Island
Richmond, Quebec
Thunder Bay, ON
Nicolet, Quebec
Nanaimo, B.C.
Roberval, Quebec
Stratford, Prince Edward Island
Jericho House, Youth Leadership, Justice & Spirituality Centre, Niagara Region, Ontario
Tsal'alh, St’át’imc Territory
Town of Danville, Quebec
St. Catharines, ON
Saint-Félix-de-Valois, Quebec
Mandeville, Quebec
Bayfield, ON
Niagara Falls, ON
Saint-Félix-de-Kingsey, Quebec
Lavaltrie, Quebec
Sisters of Mercy of Newfoundland
North Vancouver, B.C.
Plessisville, Quebec
Prévost, Quebec
Tay Township, ON
Ajax, ON
Oka, Quebec
Thermaikos, Greece
The City of Bern, Switzerland
Thessaloniki, Greece
Gossau St. Gallen, Switzerland
Evangelisch-reformierte Kirchgemeinde Bern-Johannes Church, Switzerland
Reformed Church of Nydeggkirche, Bern
Evangelisch-Reformierte Kirchgemeinde Spiez
Augsburg, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Paris, France
Los Angeles, California, U.S.A
Neuchâtel, Switzerland
Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium
Unión de APRs cuenca río Petorca, Chile
Munich, Germany
Acueducto de Cascajo, Marinilla, Colombia
Northampton, Massachusetts
Medina Sidonia, Spain
Asociación de Acueductos Comunitarios de Tasco -ASOACCTASCO, Colombia
Cádiz, Spain
Mòstoles, Spain
Cambuquira, Brazil
Philipps University of Marburg, Germany
World Council of Churches
Javea, Spain
Marburg, Germany
Kempten, Germany
City of St.Gallen, Switzerland
University of St.Gallen, Switzerland
Federal University of Lavras, Brazil
McGill University, Quebec
Brescia University College, Ontario
Cégep de Saint-Jérôme, Quebec
Monseigneur-A.-M.-Parent High School, Saint-Hubert, Quebec
La Commission scolaire de Montréal (CSDM), Quebec
AEOPAS (a national Spanish network), Blue Communities Ambassador
EYATH in Thessaloniki, Blue Community Ambassador
Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs Endorsement