Citizens' Agenda Fund

People are the heart and soul of the Council of Canadians. As an independent, non-partisan citizens’ advocacy organization, the Council refuses all government and corporate funding in favour of the volunteer energy and generous support of everyday people from across the country. Quite simply, our work would not be possible without you.

Progressive policies on clean water, climate and trade justice, and strengthened public health care will not come without a lot of work. Achieving such profound change demands years of active public engagement from informed and committed citizens. Sustaining this work over the long term requires considerable funding. The generosity of ordinary people ensures our research, public education activities and campaigns remain proudly independent.

Our day-to-day fundraising activities are vital to keeping our current campaigns running, but little is left over to meet the needs of a crucial piece of our work: building for the long term. So in 1996, with the support of a small but passionate group of founding members, the Council of Canadians launched an ambitious new initiative called the Citizens’ Agenda Fund (CAF).

Leadership-level donations from our CAF enable us to broaden our research capacity, develop far-reaching public education strategies, and expand our cross-Canada network of local chapters. CAF initiatives such as these play a vital role in strengthening the effectiveness of the Council’s current work.

Our work is not possible without you

With all we have accomplished together, there is still much to do. If you haven’t already done so, please consider joining the Citizens’ Agenda Fund. Anyone can become a CAF member with an annual gift of $500 or more, or $40 or more on our monthly-giving Canada Plan.

For more information about the benefits of becoming a CAF member, please contact Hélène Bertrand at 1-800- 387-7177, ext. 244, or by e-mail at