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Our in-house magazine, reports on the work of the Council and explores the important political developments affecting Canadians and the world around us. Articles written by a wide range of leading thinkers make Canadian Perspectives a valuable activist resource.

The Council of Canadians, an independent, nonprofit, grassroots movement for people, the planet and democracy.

Latest issue of Canadian Perspectives

We’re pleased to share with you three feature articles from our new issue of Canadian Perspectives magazine. Canadian Perspectives is a perk of membership with the Council and this issue features articles on some of the most pressing issues facing our communities, country and planet. 

Increased climate impacts require action, not privatization

The combined impact of climate-related stress on natural water infrastructure and decades of neoliberal privatization of built water infrastructure has put our most precious natural resource at extreme risk. If we want to ensure our communities are prepared for the climate struggle ahead, we need to protect our water and ensure it remains a resource for the people, not for profit.

Our pharmacare or theirs

Pharmacare legislation is coming – but it remains to be seen if it will be a public plan…or Big Pharma’s plan. To ensure that that pharmacare to come is truly for the people, we’ll need to continue to hold the government to account.

Returning to our grassroots

This year, Council of Canadians chapter activists showed us what a truly grassroots campaign looks like – and what we can accomplish when we come together and collectively guide a campaign from start to finish.

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Editions of Canadian Perspectives

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