Canadian Perspectives

In an effort to dedicate a higher percentage of your generous donations to the campaign work happening from coast – to coast – to coast that helps make a better Canada possible, we have changed the format of Canadian Perspectives from a magazine to a newsletter. This change has reduced our environmental footprint with a smaller, more focused print run twice a year. Council of Canadians supporters who provide their email addresses will now receive copies of Canadian Perspectives newsletter by email.

What hasn’t changed is our commitment to provide you with all the recent updates and information about important social justice issues and what your donations are doing to help protect water and public health care and fight for climate justice, fair trade and strengthened democracy. We will continue to let you know what the Council’s volunteer chapters are doing in communities across Canada, and ways you can take action in your own community.

All of these actions continue without a penny of corporate or government funding. Our campaign work is made possible by the generosity of like-minded people like you who believe social, economic and environmental justice is something we must all strive for. With your support, we organize major events in communities across Canada, garner daily media, hold conferences and speaking tours, produce educational factsheets and reports, and provide daily updates on our website and on social media.

A heartfelt thank you for your ongoing support!