“Fair” Elections Act Charter Challenge

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Let People Vote!

The Council of Canadians defends the truest form of democracy – the right to vote freely. With the Canadian Federation of Students, we have launched a Charter challenge to the so-called “Fair” Elections Act has made it harder for students, Indigenous people, immigrants and others to vote.

This action follows our support for the historic legal case brought forward by seven brave Canadians that exposed election fraud and voter suppression in the 2011 federal election.

The new federal Minister of Democratic Institutions has been given the mandate to address the concerns that are at the heart of that challenge by introducing “amendments to the Canada Elections Act to make the Commissioner of Canada Elections more independent from Government … and repeal the elements of the Fair Elections Act which makes it harder for Canadians to vote and easier for election law breakers to evade punishment.”

Repealing elements of the Fair Elections Act will be an important step in restoring and enhancing the democratic rights of Canadians.

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