System Change Legacy

The Council of Canadians’ System Change LegacyRobb Barnes

The Council of Canadians supports “System Change, Not Climate Change” and community initiatives that demonstrate real alternatives to the fossil fuel economy. Combined with fundamental policy shifts at the regional, national and global levels, these local community initiatives are the real solutions to the climate crisis our planet faces.

In contrast to carbon offset and trading schemes that commodify the environment, our goal is to recognize and support real change in the way we live and work. The unregulated free market has led to the dangerous tipping point we face – market mechanisms will not resolve the climate crisis.

In order to highlight the Council’s commitment to “System Change, Not Climate Change” we launched a program in 2012 to support local initiatives in communities where the Council’s Annual Conference is held that demonstrate in practice what a better world will look like.

We are proud to announce that the 2018 recipient of this annual legacy award is Ecology Ottawa.

Ecology Ottawa

Ecology Ottawa is a not-for-profit, grassroots and volunteer-driven organization that works on issues such as climate change, pollution and waste. Ecology Ottawa promotes sustainable communities where clean energy, air, and water, public transit, recycling, and green space protection take priority. The organization provides residents with the information and tools they need to understand local environmental issues and promote environmental leadership.

Robb Barnes, Executive Director of Ecology Ottawa, will accept the System Change Legacy Award on behalf of the organization. The award will be presented on Saturday, June 23 during the lunch hour.