Book Tour: Corporatizing Canada

Corporatizing Canada is a new book that examines how governments are adopting corporate or business models and are entrenching neoliberal policies deeper into our society through public services and shared commons such as water.

Nestlé's bottled water takings and the privatization of water pose a clear risk to the human right to water. But many people are not aware of the impact that “corporatization” has had on our public services. Water and wastewater services might still be public in name, but many have been transformed over the past 30 years into market-friendly institutions run by neoliberal bureaucrats.

The need to protect the human right to water and implement the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples is now more important than ever. These issues show how frontline communities – like those promoting the Blue Communities Project – are our greatest hope for water justice.

EmmaPlease join Emma Lui, Water Campaigner for the Council of Canadians, other contributors and editors of Corporatizing Canada on this book tour for discussions about how corporatization has undermined public services in Canada and what we can do promote social justice, human rights and democracy.

Copies of Corporatizing Canada can be purchased at these book tour events or online through the publisher.