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Support the fight for strong just transition legislation

Right now, we have a critical window of opportunity to push for a just transition away from fossil fuels. 

We need your help to seize this moment. The Trudeau government promised a just transition plan back in 2019 and now they need to deliver. Together, we can hold the government’s feet to the fire and build the critical momentum we need to make this promise a reality. 

With your support, together, we will flood parliament with waves of support for a just transition for weeks and months to come. 

Every dollar you give will help the Council of Canadians to expand the growing movement of people across Canada calling for strong just transition legislation to combat the climate crisis, provide urgent financial support for all workers, transform our economy, demand justice, and ensure a more safe and prosperous future for all.

Donate by cheque

Send your cheque payable to “The Council of Canadians”:
The Council of Canadians
200-240 Bank Street
Ottawa, ON, K2P 1X4

About our membership

Membership in the Council of Canadians entitles you to:

  • Vote and participate in all Council meetings and activities of members.
  • Join a local Council Chapter or form a new one if there is none nearby.
  • Receive the Council’s annual report and audited financial statements.
  • Receive timely updates on Council campaigns and actions.

By signing up as a member, you are consenting to:

  • Taking $1 from your contribution to cover your membership fee.
  • That you support the vision, purpose, mission and principles of the Council.
  • That you are Canadian or reside in Canada.