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Coal burning is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the world. To avert a climate catastrophe, we have no choice but to put this dirty fuel in the dustbin of history. Canada must stop dragging its heels and ditch coal once and for all. 

Through Alberta Beyond Coal, the Council of Canadians is a part of a broad coalition working to defend the Rocky Mountains and headwaters from Big Coal and its proponents in government.  

Nationally, and in collaboration with numerous organizations, the Council of Canadians is pushing the federal government to end all thermal coal mining and export by 2023.  

It’s time for a Canada Beyond Coal. A liveable planet depends on it. 


Coal mining

The Rocky Mountains are under threat from proposed metallurgical coal mines in fragile areas. Open-pit mining will contaminate the water, irreversibly damage the land, and negatively impact the ecosystems, animals, and people who visit and live in the mountains.

Coal burning

Canada has committed to ending coal-fired power generation by 2030. That’s far too late. If we are serious about meeting our climate commitments, coal-burning must be phased out immediately. Alberta is on track to cease coal burning for electricity by 2023 – and the rest of the country should follow suit.

Coal export 

Canada continues to facilitate coal burning overseas by exporting 15-18 million tonnes of Canadian and American thermal coal every year. Pollution  knows no borders. As long as we continue to export coal, we are still an emissions enabler. 

Coal shipment

The time to dump coal is now. A Canada beyond coal is the only way to protect the land, the waters, the climate, and our very futures. 

Demand a Canada Beyond Coal. 

Canada must put an immediate end to thermal coal production and exports to meet its goals at home and lead internationally. 

Sign our letter and demand that the federal government act now to ban thermal coal exports by 2023! 

To move Canada beyond coal, our leaders must:

End all coal burning, extraction, and export, whether it’s thermal or metallurgical coal. Learn more about coal here.  

Prohibit new coal exploration and mining across the country, especially in Alberta, where eight proposed projects pose a threat to the sensitive ecosystems of the Rocky Mountains.  

Immediately phase out thermal coal exports from and through Canada by 2023. Read more about our efforts here. 

Ensure that impacted workers and communities engaged in this industry are supported in the transition towards a Canada Beyond Coal.  

The Council of Canadians is a grassroots, nonpartisan, independent organization funded almost entirely by tens of thousands of individual Canadian donors. We do not take any money from governments, corporations, or issue charitable tax receipts. 

Chip-in now to hold our governments accountable and strengthen our democracy. 

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