Go vote! in the 2019 federal election

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Canadians will go to the polls on Monday, October 21, 2019 and elect a government and a leader to represent the values and vision of our country. Voting is one of the truest acts of democracy. By putting pencil to paper you will join people across Canada to vote for the candidate and the political party you think will best lead our country.

Far-right hate groups are already mobilizing to poison October's federal election with a well-funded and sophisticated Trump-style “Make Canada Great Again” campaign of fear and fake news to sweep Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives into power.

With your support, the Council of Canadians is reaching out to people across the country, informing them about important election issues, giving them useful tools and resources, and most importantly, encouraging everyone to cast their ballot in the upcoming federal election. With your help we will work together to keep Trump-style politics out of Canada's 2019 Federal Election!

Please chip in to help the Council of Canadians build up our capacity to counter these groups online and in communities across the country. Together, we’ll run positive and effective voter education and outreach campaigns to ensure people not only cast their ballot, but cast an informed one.