Go vote! in the 2015 federal election

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Canadians will go to the polls on October 19 and elect a government and a leader to represent the values and vision of our country. Voting is one of the truest acts of democracy. By putting pencil to paper you will join people across Canada to vote for the candidate and the political party you think will best lead our country.

In the last federal election, just a handful of voters (6,201 to be precise) made the difference in electing a majority government for the Harper Conservatives. In that same election, more than 9.4 million eligible Canadian voters didn’t cast a ballot. Even more worrisome, the age group with the lowest percentage of voter turnout was youth aged 18-24.

It’s time for change. And it’s starting with you. Through our “Go vote!” campaign, the Council of Canadians is reaching out to people across the country, informing them about important election issues, giving them useful tools and resources, and most importantly, encouraging everyone to cast their ballot in the upcoming federal election.